Hunter is up against it in this interview from 1967, faced with a spokesman for The Hell’s Angel gang that he followed for a year and whose exploits he wrote a successful book about. In true go to hell style the gangs representative enters the studio on his motorbike, adding to the intimidation Hunter is clearly feeling.

Hunter appears to be visually nervous, when confronted by the spokesman, and quite submissive to what he has to say..

The gang appears to more upset about not getting their two kegs of beer Hunter promised as payement for being allowed to stay with them to research the book. But there appears to be good reason for his going back on the deal…

During his stay with the gang, Hunter was badly beaten after trying to stop one members of the gang from beating his wife. Quite quickly it is apparent that Hunter is not getting any sympathy from anyone, the crowd seem to be entertained by the story of the biker’s wife being beaten, and the interviewer is more than happy to put the boot in on the young author too.

Finally, Hunter finds the courage to confront the wave of ridicule, probably thinking his actions were more justified and the story of a wife being beaten probably isn’t a good basis for cheap jokes to appease a baying audience. And the frustration in Hunter clearly is beginning to build.

But before a a proper explanation can be given from Hunter the the interview is cut short and all we are left with is quite a pathetic spectacle of glamourising the beating of a woman, and the man trying to stop it.