About the Blog.


Welcome to the page, what I hopefully liked to do with this blog is retain all the information I’ve discovered concerning the lives, and loves of different groups of people in mid-20th century America. It’s was not only a time of great upheavals in American society, but is also a very creative time that produced some of my favourite art, music, poetry and fashion.

I like to try and focus in on some of the social issues, as well as geek out heavily on the clothing and music. If you’re into, the 50’s, 60’s, Jazz, Ivy, Gang Life, Civil-Rights, Beats etc. Then hopefully you’ll find the blog interesting.

Happy Reading!

Header Photograph by Bill Ray, 1966, for LIFE Magazine

6 thoughts on “About the Blog.”

  1. Nick Goeppinger said:

    This blog is my bread and butter. It is sorely needed. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. Thanks Nick, there are a few people on board now, hopefully we can keep the articles coming, and they are to people’s interest.

  3. Daniel Cole said:

    Do you have the source of the Advert for Pendleton 49er, and Topster Jacket? Magazine and date ?? Thanks, I am doing research on the 49er jacket.

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